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Exhibition La Pierre de Caen

19 June – 31 October 2010

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Cultural activities

Tours, special events, walks, shows, workshops, courses, play books, visits to the quarries of Caen, lectures …

Tours and special events

Guided tours and educational events are available for groups by appointment.
As of September, guided tours for individuals will be scheduled every Sunday.

Walks on the Caen Stone theme

Take a walk in the city following the traces of Caen Stone…
For individuals on certain Sundays from September.

Children’s shows for all the family

September – October
The Amavada company is putting on a new show
Every Wednesday at 2.30 pm and Sundays at 11 am from 22 September to Sunday 24 October
All publics (aged 8 and over)


The Museum is offering two workshops:

  • Stone cutting workshop for children over 8
  • Modelling workshop: making low reliefs for 6 year-olds and over

By appointment for schools and other groups
Every Saturday at 10 am for families from September to October

Courses for leisure centres

Courses lasting several half-days alternating visits and workshops can be arranged for all leisure centres during the holidays and on Wednesdays.

Children’s games to play with all the family

Small illustrated booklets accessible from the age of 4 for an active visit in full complicity with the parents…
Two levels, 4-7 years and 8-12 years

An interactive space for accompanied children

Playing by manipulating models, jigsaw puzzles and other games to extend the visit…

Series of lectures on the exhibition

proposed by Musée de Normandie friendly society

Information and reservations to the Musée de Normandie, tél. +00 33 (0)2 31 30 47 60.

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