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Exhibition La Pierre de Caen

19 June – 31 October 2010

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The Museum of Normandy within the ducal castle

The Musée de Normandie was founded in 1946. Since that date, its collections have been constantly enriched, illustrating man’s evolution throughout the territory of Normandy, from its origins to the present day.

The Logis des Gouverneurs (Governors’ Lodge) is the venue of the museum’s permanent exhibition. The three main themes - habitat, techniques and beliefs – appear in various forms throughout the visit.

The Church of St George (12-15th c.) and the Salles du Rempart (Rampart Rooms) (laid out in the restored volume of a 16th c. artillery cavalier), each year house the temporary exhibitions. A subtle blend of contemporary architecture and archaeological restoration, the Salles du Rempart make a fascinating exhibition gallery, where the public can view the castle walls, an underground passage and approach the remains of a 14th c. house and smithy.

Built in the 12th c. by Henry I Beauclerc, The Dukes of Normandy’s Salle de l'Echiquier (Exchequer Hall) is currently undergoing renovation with a view to creating a new museum space devoted to William the Conqueror.

Designed as a pleasant and easy way of discovering or rediscovering one of Europe’s great regions, the Musée de Normandie is intended as a cultural venue for all audiences.


Governors’ Lodge

Church of St George

Rampart Rooms

Exchequer Hall


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